miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2020

Preparada la edición en Inglés.

 Medieval and current epic. Past and present. Light and darkness. God and Lucifer. The catholic church and secret brotherhoods. Love and terror. Murders and friendship. Immortality and loneliness. Heroes and villains. War and peace. Mythology and reality ...

Mystery and adventure await you on the other side of the threshold of hell.

A thrilling, different adventure, full of scenarios that come alive at every page break, where nothing is as it seems. Sons of Alcant represents the eternal search of the human being, through the solitude of two immortal beings. A story that navigates between two timelines not giving truce to the reader, with a conductive thread so changing, that it goes from the most disturbing reality, to merging with the most surrealist fantasy.

 "Even love can become the door to hell for man"

 #SonsOfAlcant #Fantasy #Mistery #Adventure #Epic

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